I ~At Virtue Natural Bakery taste and nutrition go hand in hand. We are a family run small batch bakery in Vancouver creating products that are not just delicious, but contain healthy ingredients that you can feel good about. 

All natural

Freshly baked


Plus, it’s all gluten-free!


Each recipe is chosen and crafted by certified natural chef and holistic nutritionist, Chef Lisa. Our pantry includes high-quality ingredients with many local and organic items, along with wholesome binders like flax, chia, agar-agar and psyllium.

We don’t use any gluten containing flour in our kitchen (no wheat, barley or rye), and instead focus on a variety of other grains like buckwheat, brown rice and sweet rice, Avena GF oats, millet and sorghum. We grind some of our whole-grain flour and seeds in house. We have plenty of paleo/grain-free, dairy-free and vegan options too. We do use cane sugar with many of our items labelled “low-sugar” — these either have very little cane sugar or moderate amounts of honey, maple syrup or dates. Our flourless baguettes are low-carb and high in fibre from freshly milled flaxseeds.

Find us this season at Vancouver farmers markets, with an array of mouth-watering, all natural treats, breakfast items and breads. Please inquire about specific ingredients for allergies or dietary needs.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!


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